7 Unique Things Every Sindhi Who Knows His Stuff Can Relate To

7 Unique Things Every Sindhi Who Knows His Stuff Can Relate To!


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One special thing about Pakistan is the diversity of culture. There’s no specific Pakistani culture but Sindhi, Pashto, Punjabi, Balochi amalgamate into one making it a proud Pakistani culture. Everyone is proud of their ethnicity and own it like no one. I have heard quite a few people say that they have met many people but Sindhis hold a special place in their heart. What makes them special is their hospitality and generosity!

So, we decided that let’s make a list of all the things which every Sindhi can relate to. Something, which makes them what they and a few things which are DONE listening from people over and over. 😀

You really don’t have to be a Sindhi to understand this meme. Even Neil Armstrong can understand this and laugh with aliens on the moon. COME ON!!!

Who doesn’t know what “He Bholri Ahy” means?!


1. Chai for happiness, stress, wedding, exam, and just when you are bored!


2. Every new person you meet would say; Oh, but you don’t look Sindhi! TF I’m supposed to look like? Ajrak?


3. Our weddings are simple, just 1200 people that’s it!


4. Your friends always take you to shop because “Sindhis be pro at bargaining”


5. Everyone calls you “Mathy jo sur” without knowing it’s meaning


6. People believe that every Sindhi is a born wadeera 


7. Everyone wants you to teach them some “Sindhi galiyan” so that they could use that on their non-Sindhi friends


And if you can’t relate to any of these, then you cease to be a true Sindhi. Apart from these “few” things there are others like people already judge to be a hardcore “kanjoos” just because you are Sindhi. Bro, what even?

Also, people think that if you are a Sindhi you must know shikar, matlab kuch bhi?

Having said that, do not ask us to teach you any galiyan because we don’t want you to shout those at random people peeking your head out from your uber. LOL!

Have anything to add more relatable Sindhi stuff? Let us know in the comments below! Cheers! Ho jamalo. 😀

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