Sheikh Rasheed Literally Destroyed Indian Journalist Rahul Kanwal And Pakistan Is Loving Its Real Pindi Boy!


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Sheikh Rasheed is a well-known name in the political scene in Pakistan. Our very own “pindi boy” is known for his witty replies and savage answers whenever they are required.

And Mr. Sheikh Rasheed stood up to his reputation against the Indian anchor, Rahul Kanwal. Where he absolutely took apart the anchor with his truth galore and savageness. Sheikh Rasheed left Rahul Kanwal absolutely speechless as he kept defending Pakistan and its stance when the anchor was clearly hell-bent upon blaming Pakistan for every act of ‘aatunk’ in the world.

A perfect strike!

So Rahul Kanwal kept asking Sheikh Rasheed very innocently to give them all the alleged people behind Indian sadness and Sheikh sb’s reply was absolutely destructive. Rahul Kanwal kept demanding Pakistan to give the Indian government, Azhar and Hafeez. The Indian anchor asked for them like you ask your neighbors “ek cup doodh milega?”Sheikh Rasheed’s reply left Rahul Kanwal speechless.

Sheikh Rasheed said that we can’t arrest Hafiz or Azhar and serve them to you by keeping them at your feet. He further added that the court released them and it is not that easy for any of us to just bring them to the Indian government.

Rahul Kanwal blamed Pakistan.

Rahul Kanwal said that Pakistan didn’t fight the case properly and if they had the ‘hidden people’ would be at the altar today if they had caught them.

“Ayen aap. Please come on.”

Sheikh Rasheed invites India openly and says that it is payback time. And we will pay everything back that too with the interest, you just need to come and take it. Takes some courage to invite the enemy like that and Sheikh Rasheed has it all.

He got no chill.

Rahul kept saying that Pakistan has been sitting in America’s pocket to which Sheikh saahb gave the most lethal reply. To see what he said, please see this video because if we type that it won’t have the same feels so it is important for you to see and hear and feel it to get the full “mazay”.

The whole interview was filled with Sheikh Rasheed making fun of Rahul Kanwal and Indian government and hitting the right spots. We are proud of our pindi boy.

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