PTI Nominates Former Sports Minister Mahmood Khan As the CM of KPK and Pakistanis Have Mixed Views


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Hailing from Swat, Mahmod Khan is the member-elect of the provincial assembly of KPK and the nominated politician for the Chief Minister position of KPK. Khan has previously served KPK as the Provincial Minister in the provincial cabinet of CM Pervez Khattak from 2013 to 2018.

Just a few days ago, PTI nominated Mahmood Khan as the CM of KPK in the upcoming election tenure. Khan received his Masters in Agriculture degree from University of Peshawar. Formally, he was the Provincial Minister for Sports, Culture and Tourism as well.

With this new nomination, Pakistanis are sharing some concerns.

Khan Was Previously in Pakistan Peoples Party!

In 2012, Khan left PPP and joined PTI. In 2005, he was elected Union Council Nazim of Kharerai, Matta Tehsil. From 2007 to 2012, he served as the Union Council Nazim of Kharerai and after that, he parted ways with PPP. Despite showing his performance well in KPK, Pakistanis are having some reservations with the nomination of Khan as the CM of KPK.

Khan Was On Trial for Corruption As Well In the Past

Which he then managed to clear and was held innocent of all the charges.

On the Other Hand, Here’s What Pakistanis Are Sharing:

Fair Enough!

So there is a lot of expectations Mahmood Khan has to meet as the newly appointed CM of KPK. Overall, PTI has a lot to meet as well, given how the party will be in the office of the entire country.






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