Not Getting Proper Education Is One Of The Reasons Why Pakistan Is Not Progressing


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Since basic necessities come first than any other thing, sadly, we Pakistanis even haven’t reached to that point. If our basic necessities are not fulfilled, how can we think about other things which are also important for us? Poverty has increased so much today. If inflation can’t be prevented it will lead to severe problems in the country.

From the time of independence till today, our country’s people are facing basic necessities problems. They are deprived of bread and butter, that’s why we are not moving to another level. We can’t do anything without eating, that’s why the poor class is seen on the roads, buses etc to get food. They beg every day to get something to eat, how can they get themselves educated or their generation they even can’t think about this thing. The poor are not getting ahead of «roti, kapra, or maakan».

Source: The News International

We can only progress if we are fulfilled with our basic necessities. It is not about only one person to do something, but we all should do something with unity for the poor class to show them stars which are waiting for them. By helping others in many ways, we can get many outstanding children who will serve this society and country.


Pakistan is our responsibility which our founder gave to us. Now, this should be our aim to fulfill all his dreams which he saw. The world has got so much today and we are stuck in these basic things. Water also comes in this category, most of us can’t even get pure water because of the drainage system and old pipelines and secondly, we rely on India for water. So, you can get an idea from this example that we are far away from progressive things.

The Chinese don’t have time to think about these necessities because they have so much to do. We need to think about this big issue as well because only it will lead to progress to other factors if it is solved.

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