Pakistan Navy Successfully Defended Its Waters Against An Intruding Indian Submarine And Yeh Modi Baaz Nahi Ayega -

Pakistan Navy Successfully Defended Its Waters Against An Intruding Indian Submarine And Yeh Modi Baaz Nahi Ayega!


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After the Pakistan Army released the Indian Pilot – Vikram Abhinandan, Pakistan Navy detected a submarine and that has now become the topic of discussion for the masses.

That’s a whole new level of intrusion and people are like…

Source/ Giphy

According to a statement issued on Tuesday, the Pakistan Navy detected an Indian submarine and stopped it from entering Pakistani waters. The Pakistan Navy foiled every attempt of Indian submarine to avoid being detected, the statement said.

According to sources from the Pak Navy, this was the second occasion since 2016 when it has detected an Indian submarine attempting to enter Pakistani waters.

Here’s the video of the Indian Submarine on Pakistan Waters:

“In order to maintain peace, the Indian submarine was not targeted. It is the reflection of Pakistan’s desire for peace” the statement said. “Learning a lesson from this incident, India too should show its inclination towards peace.”

The source also stated that the achievement wan evidence of Pakistan Navy’s capabilities which is ready to defeat and country’s maritime frontiers.  The Pakistan Navy is capable of giving a jaw-breaking response to any aggression, the statement said.

After the Submarine was found, people took Twitter to express their emotions and here’s how that went.

Have a look!

This guy just blamed it all on Adnan Sami! LOLOL

This user just went ahead and straight up mocked the Indians

Looks like people have trolled Sami quite aggressively!

One more user just tweeted this…

This really cracked us up you know…

While some users took humor to express their emotions few people opted for a little serious tone.

This user lauded the Pakistan Army!

One more user said that he’s proud to be a Pakistani and that’s the case with all of us these days!


It’s great to see how Pakistanis are showering the Pak Army with so much love and affection!

It’s sad how India fails to learn and repetitively stoops low in an attempt to ‘prove their point’ and it’s like a child who’s been asked not to do something by all his relatives but he continues to do so in an attempt to gain attention. Moreover, India is struggling to come in the good books of its own citizens since its already been said that India media lies to prove a point.

Let’s see what petty games India place and what’s more to come from a nation that has nothing better to do but handle issues like adults.



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