NZ Citizens Perform 'Haka' As A Tribute To Pakistani Hero Naeem Rashid And His Son And This Will Leave You In Tears

NZ Citizens Perform ‘Haka’ As A Tribute To Pakistani Hero Naeem Rashid And His Son And This Will Leave You In Tears!


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Following the tragic incident in Christchurch, it has been proven that the people of New Zealand show respect, solidarity and compassion like no other. Let it be their Prime Minister standing with the victims’ families in a dupatta showing solidarity, their government reforming their gun laws or its people going to Masjids and protecting Muslims while they pray. New Zealand has won hearts too many times and this just shows how beautiful this country and its people are. And now the people of New Zealand have left us in tears yet again when they performed Haka for Pakistani Christchurch hero Naeem Rashid and his son.

Tears and goosebumps.

Haka is a traditional war dance of the Maori tribe, the natives of New Zealand. And it shows solidarity, love, respect and compassion. And this was performed as a tribute for the Christchurch hero Naeem Rashid who put his own life at risk protecting the people at the mosque, and didn’t even care about his own son. This video is going to leave you emotional for a while. This is a wonderful display of respect. Kiwis are wonderful people. This was performed in front of victims’ families when those who were taken down, were handed over to them. Naeem Rashid and his son were one of the Pakistanis who became victims in the unfortunate and heartbreaking Christchurch incident.

What a powerful image.

The Pakistani and New Zealand flag together and New Zealanders performing the haka in the background. This really is wonderful and the world needs to learn from this incident and especially from New Zealand on how to react to a tragedy and how to treat minorities in a country. And not only this, there have been many such incidents to prove that NO ONE shows solidarity better than New Zealanders.

Ending Islamophobia the right way.

New Zealand has stood with Muslims in a way no nation has before after a tragedy and this shows through everything. TV anchors wore hijabs to show solidarity with the Muslims.

Broadcasting Azaan on national TV.

Can there be anything more beautiful than this?

God bless New Zealand and its people for being so kind and full of compassion and respectful towards Muslims. In a world where Muslims and especially Pakistanis are discriminated, NZ people have shown utmost love towards both. And this is how we should treat OUR minorities in Pakistan as well. If we want respect, we need to give respect as well.

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