Indian PM Modi Now Wants To Fight 'Poverty And Illiteracy' WITH Pakistan Aur Modi Ke Toh Rung Hi Badal Gaye!


Indian PM Modi Now Wants To Fight ‘Poverty And Illiteracy’ WITH Pakistan Aur Modi Ke Toh Rung Hi Badal Gaye!


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The Pulwama incident has been an ongoing hot topic for quite some time now and from entertainment to sports – everyone and everything is dragged in the Pulwama incident. Recently, PM Imran Khan sat and give a speech about how «Pakistan would not think and would immediately retaliate if India even thinks to cause any harm to our country.

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However, recently in a Rajasthan rally – Indian PM, Narendra Modi went on and soften his tone. Looks like PM Modi is seeking ways to patch things up with PM Imran Khan and Pakistan.

He said that «we should give peace a chance and fight against illiteracy and poverty.» Modi also added «when Imran Khan was elected as Prime Minister, I congratulated him. I had told him that we together should fight against poverty and illiteracy. Imran Khan had said to me that he was the son of a Pathan and will stand by his words.”

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مودی سرکار کا یو ٹرن مودی کو اب یاد آگیا کے #وزیراعـــــــــظم_پاکســـــــــتان_عـــــــــمران خان پٹھان ہیں مودی سرکار پہلے کس بھول میں تھی۔

Posted by Ali Jehan on Saturday, February 23, 2019

The PM of Pakistan Imran Khan has also suggested to investigate the matter and go in the finer details to come to a conclusion. He also told Modi to give peace a chance and fights against crime together and put an end to this.

The Pak-Indo relations have been going haywire since the Pulwama incident and now is the time we finally witness some progress form the neighboring country.

Have a look at the responses which people had on Twitter after this news update surfaced on social media:


What’s your take on this?

This user is really getting at it!

This person believes that we need to have a conversation and hate is not the answer!

What updates do you think will follow after the PM Modi’s speech? India has already banned all the Pakistani singers and actors in their country after the Pulwama incident. Let’s see what come after this and how the entire situation pans out.

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