From Having Nothing To Getting Into LUMS, This Guy’s Story Will Make You Believe In Real Hard Work!


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New York Time’s bestselling author Christina Baker Kline once said, “The twists and turns of your life can be so unexpected, and that’s a good thing to learn.” 

In the middle of all the hardships that are imposed on us, we forget to live our lives. We feel overburdened – we feel “this is the end.” We keep searching for a ray hope – sometimes in a job, sometimes in a relationship. We keep expecting the unexpected. Deep down, we are scared. We surrender ourselves. We lose all hope. But then He shows us the right path.

Kun Faya Kun

What we ignore is how struggles in life define and transform us. If you are going through a rough patch and need a dose of motivation, you need to read the story of this LUMS freshman, Uzair Islam:

I’m a 21-year-old freshman on complete financial aid; I completed my A-levels back in 2014. I took two gap years because my family’s financial condition deteriorated to such an extent that we couldn’t even afford two meals a day. There was a time when my mom and I had roti chai once a day for two months. The situation grew worse when I got affected with malnutrition, Vitamin D deficiency along with arthritis and I couldn’t even walk properly. Hence, going to University was far from thought.

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My parents also got divorced and my stepfather was an undergraduate who was studying in the UK; so he couldn’t support us. My own father had grown old and retired. I, being a child from a broken family, became the breadwinner. I began working as a teaching assistant for O and A level Economics in a private academy, became an editor for books, and because of my love of writing, I also freelanced for DAWN.

By this time, I knew that my academic career was over. I felt depressed and vulnerable. However, in these two years, I realized the value of all those things that I took for granted. This very realization became my driving force, pulling me towards this positive attitude that now I have for life.

Life is Unpredictable

When I thought I had good grades, I couldn’t get anywhere at all and when life became a mere disappointment, I got into LUMS. Today I’m grateful to God for those difficult times because they transformed me.”

A lot of times we fail to realize that every road has its own shares of ups and downs. If life became as clear as a straight path, there will be no learning, no transformation. While your life may be at a point where you see no ray of hope or happiness, remember that “This Too Shall Pass.”

Nothing in this life is forever – not even your struggles and hardships. Believe in the Supreme power who vows to protect you and everything will fall as He planned.

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