Journalist Omar Qureshi Questions the Presence of Imran Khan’s Dog During Meetings At Baani Gala And Pakistanis Are Confused


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Imran Khan has yet to take oath as the Prime Minister of Pakistan and he is already facing a lot of criticism for his actions. The politician continues receiving celebratory calls, visits and wishes from foreign politicians and ambassadors.

Because Khan has yet to take oath, and as he said he will not be staying in the prime minister house, the current meetings are held at his residence, Baani Gala. Khan is seen meeting with ambassadors and officials at a lounge setting, serving them just water, tea and biscuits, which has also been applauded because the previous politicians used to serve meals upon welcoming.

During One of the Meetings, Imran Khan’s Dog Was Spotted As Well

While Imran Khan was meeting with the ambassador of Iran, Khan’s German Shepard was seen sitting in the same place. To this, journalist and advisor to PPP Omar Qureshi tweeted and questioned the professionalism of Khan and his discipline.

And Pakistanis Highlighted How Absurd this Claim Actually Is

Because it is just a dog…

That’s One Way To See This


Outrageous how the opposition is picking such small points to speak against Khan and his politics. If one has to comment, comment on Khan’s actions, policies and other politically influenced steps he may take.

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