The Kuwaiti Delegation Theft Has Now Become a Conspiracy And People Are Confused


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The news of a 20-grade government officer stealing the wallet of Kuwaiti delegation surfaced on social media as a shocker. According to the Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry, Zarrar Haider, the 20 grade officer caught on camera stealing the wallet of the Kuwaiti delegation member, stated has been suspended from his duties.

The Kuwaiti Delegation was there to attend the two-day Pakistan-Kuwait Joint Ministerial Commission meeting in Pakistan. At the event, Haider was the join investment and facilitation secretary. When the Kuwaiti official reported that their wallet went missing, the CCTV footage revealed it was Haider who was behind the crime.

Here’s the CCTV Footage of Zarrar Haider Stealing the Wallet

According to Various Sources Going Viral On Social Media, Zarrar Haider Reveals that He Stole the Wallet to Plant a Chip In It, Calling it an Espionage

Here’s the message that has been going viral:

Everyone is surprised that how a senior officer of grade 20 can drop himself to such a low level that he will steal wallet of a member of the visiting Kuwaiti delegation and risk his credibility, service and reputation as well as bring bad name and shame to the country. Mr. Zarar Haider, an officer of grade 20 in the Economic Affairs Division is named and shamed as a ‘pickpocket’ but there is something more astonishing revealed during preliminary investigation by a premium intelligence agency of the country.

According to the sources, considering stealing of the wallet something unusual and beyond comprehension by such a high ranking officer, the authorities started to find some reason or logic behind the apparently a very cheap attempt by the senior officer. Sources revealed that during brief investigation of the incident by the officers of the intelligence, the accused officer Zrar Haider confessed that he did it to place a detective electronic device in the belongings of the visiting delegation at the behest of the intelligence of a neighboring Muslim country which is currently having tense relations with GCC members. The officer has been working for the neighboring Muslim country for quite some time, however further details are yet to be investigated.
The device would give location details, movement details as well as hearing of the surroundings of the holder.

Zrar Haider was also tasked by the intelligence of the neighboring Muslim country to provide details of the recent interactions of Pakistan’s financial teams with Saudi Arabia and UAE.
Initial investigation of the incident has worried authorities about the ingress of foreign intelligence within Pakistani bureaucracy. There may be a network of the officers working for some other countries. It has been decided that the incident will be taken seriously and further investigations will be conducted

This has yet to be confirmed by any official if Zarrar Haider is innocent of this crime or not. For now, he remains suspended.

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