Indian School Children Participate In Rally Against Child Sexual Abuse!


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Every few weeks a topic is highlighted, people are offended by an act and politicians offer condolence but after that, things are unchanged and such barbaric acts continue to happen. It has been in the culture and behavior of media and people in general. Just as the incidents in Kasur were highlighted after Zainab’s murder, not that they were never reported but the attention these incidents received now, they never did before. Children are not safe now because society, in general, is overlooking these issues.

Zainab’s incident not only created waves in Pakistan but across the border as well. Just as in Pakistan people are out on the roads, the same is happening in India.

Here is the photo of school kids in India…

Indian school children participated in an awareness campaign rally to mark World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Violence against Children, in Hyderabad, India.

Well, this never really is an India/Pakistan fight, that too on such a time. It’s really good to see both sides of the country to stand tall and together on this issue. Not just India or Pakistan but people across the globe are raising this issue to eradicate any possibility of it occurring again.

According to Child Protection Law in Pakistan In part 9 (special offenses relating to children)

These are the punishments for committing the offense of child pornography

And these are the punishments for committing child sexual abuse

In accordance with law and its said punishments seem a lot less than what people of Pakistan demand from the judiciary. Let the punishment be of such nature that the culprits are afraid of committing such heinous crimes and everyone else feels secure and safe. Since no gender is safe from this cruelty, girls and boys both need to be alert and report if any such incidents happen to them or someone else. Let’s for a safer world.

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