Imran Khan Shared A Beautiful Naat From His Twitter And People Think Bushra Bibi Might Be Behind It!


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Our Prime Minister, Imran Khan never fails to impress us. The prime minister showcased his immense love for the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) on several occasions. Whenever he talked, he resembled his talks with the State of Madinah and life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Imran Khan shared a Naat video on his Twitter account. In a video, an Indonesian girl is reciting a beautiful Naat: YA HABIB al QULUBI. Imran Khan wrote «MASHALLAH» on the shared video and depicted his love for the beautiful Naat.

Reportedly, the naat was sung by 19-year-old Indonesian girl, Nisaa Sabyaan. Nisa has sung various naats and nasheeds and got a tremendous appreciation for her voice quality and way of singing.

Although the naat is in Arabic, for our viewers, we are translating the lyrics in English.

O lover of the heart, O the best man among men, You came to me with the truth. The messenger who brought the guidance. O the messenger of Allah, O the beloved man of Allah. The day you were born is the beginning of guidance for the people; You are the Prophet who guide us with the light. O messenger of Allah, You came with the religion of Allah. O the beloved man of Allah, O bearer of the good news, O the messenger of Allah O the light of guidance, O the beloved man of Allah. The wish to live in happiness, love will remain forever in my heart with you dear Prophet; missing to be with you. May Allah grant these wishes O good news bearer, the messenger of Allah.

However people on Twitter had mixed reactions on this…

This person is admiring the taste of the Prime Minister

She is asking Imran Khan not to delete this video

Yeah, Imran khan usually doesn’t post such stuff but this time he did

This guy nailed it. Before Prime Minister IK is a Muslim

This guy thinks First lady Bushra Bibi is using Imran Khan’s account, is it so?

Some didn’t seem to like him sharing this at ALL…

This person has a suggestion for Bushra Bibi

Haha, people are making wild guesses

Undoubtedly, the Naat that Imran Khan has shared is lovely and quite heart toucing. The mesmerising voice of the singer has gotten a plethora of appreciation. Although Imran Khan does not share videos on his official account, this video is indeed worth sharing.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Could this be Bushra Bibi? Or the PM himself? Let us know in the comments below!


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