PM Imran Khan Calls Pakistan's First Nuclear Meeting|


PM Imran Khan Calls Pakistan's First Nuclear Meeting After Balakot And Shit Just Got Real For India -

PM Imran Khan Calls Pakistan’s First Nuclear Meeting After Balakot And Shit Just Got Real For India!


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Tough times call for tough measures, that’s how it has always been and will stay. After India’s blatant trespassing of Pakistan’s space, entering Balakot and leaving a pay-load behind, Pakistan’s sovereignty has definitely been compromised.

In the wake of the incident, everything seems to be going haywire for Pakistanis, as Indians on social media had been quick to slate Pakistan for its, well, casual negligence as to how Indian airplanes entered our borders.


Since then, all eyes have been on the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan. With no statement from the premier or his cortege for a while, the news finally broke, as the PM was busy in a meeting with the National Security Council, comprising of the COAS, DGISPR, political heads and representatives of other State institutions.

Pakistan has now, officially, come out with a statement on the Balakot incident, which states that India did trespass, but could do not do anything but touch base.

Pakistan’s official statement now says that Pakistan will answer and reply to Indian entrance into its territory, and when Pakistan has its turn, it itself would choose the ‘time and destination’ of the reply – which means, we’re not going to be sitting idle.

Furthermore, the biggest news from the statement is that Imran Khan, the Prime Minister, has ordered a meeting, tomorrow, of the National Command Authority, which controls all of Pakistan’s ‘hathyaar’.

This, again, shows that Pakistan is serious in this forcefully inflicted scenario. Neither did Pakistan want escalation, neither did it play any part in the stated saga. However, when you forcefully push somebody into a certain situation, they will speak and act up, now or later.

The meeting will hold immense importance for the future between both countries. We expect that the meeting is just an order of check and balance, but it should be enough to show India that how serious Pakistan really is.

PM Imran Khan has also called the people of Pakistan to be ‘ready’ and that’s exactly what was needed. If Pakistan backed out from this forced challenge set up against it, India would make a habit of this incitement.

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