Imran Khan Promises Construction Of 5 Million Houses|


Imran Khan Promises Construction Of 5 Million Houses In ‘Naya Pakistan’ Soon And Our PM Is Winning Hearts

Imran Khan Promises Construction Of 5 Million Houses In ‘Naya Pakistan’ Soon And Our PM Is Winning Hearts!


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The rise of poverty in Pakistan has been a very common problem and there’s no doubt about the fact that many suffer due to that.

Ever since PM Imran Khan has assured the masses to build a ‘Naya Pakistan’ mane expect to see a positive change in the country.

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Recently, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced on Thursday that Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme will be launched next month to provide five million housing units to the low-income segments of society!

The prime minister stated that his government encouraged the construction of high-rise buildings to meet the growing demand for houses with the help of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and the private sector.

Furthermore, Imran Khan said that new construction in urban centers will be vertical to avert the issues of food security.

“Construction of five million houses is a cumbersome task, but once initiated the number of houses to be constructed will be increased every year,” he said. He said the project will directly benefit 40 different industries related to the construction business.

On the occasion, a memorandum of understanding was also signed between Pakistan and the World Bank for cooperation in the housing sector.

Moreover, the prime minister said the World Bank has itself decided to support the housing project, adding that the government was getting a positive response from overseas Pakistanis, besides Chinese and Malaysian companies.

He said the government is going to launch a plan to regularise slums in different cities, including Islamabad.

He said houses, flats, and commercial centers will be constructed by developers at par with the Turkey and India’s models.

Khan also spoke about the shift towards vertical construction. “We have to allow housing to grow vertically. Our arable land is being used up and threatens our food security. We will encourage more vertical construction. Singapore is the best example and our task force is learning from them,” he said.

He said land worth five hundred billion rupees has so far been recovered from the land grabbers. He, however, clarified that the houses of the poor people will not be demolished under this campaign.

The prime minister said affordable houses will be constructed in the tribal districts through micro-financing. We’re looking forward to the ‘Naya Pakistan.’



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