PM Imran Khan Approves ‘Kamyab Jawan Program’ And Pakistanis Have High Hopes For Things To Settle Down!


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Amidst inflation, Pakistani rupee depreciation, and IMF deal, the current government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is receiving heavy criticism from the opposition parties and the general public. With their recent cabinet reshuffles and promising plans that didn’t come to fruition, their credibility as a sound ruling party is under question.

Imran Khan loyalists still stand beside him and defend him reminding everyone with the argument that he is a committed and honest leader. The future of Pakistan looks bleak to most of us but is this because we have been betrayed so many times by our previous leaders that we at a small sign of goodness are overjoyed?

This might be the case with Prime Minister Imran Khan, that now when he too struggles, we are panicking and not giving him the chance to steer matters in the right direction slowly and steadily?

Where everything in the country seems chaotic, the Prime Minister took progressive steps towards solving one of the biggest issues faced by the Pakistani youth.

Source: IRI

PM Imran Khan approves ‘Kamyab Jawan Program’; Aimed to provide job opportunities, education, professional skill training, and soft loans to support the ambitious youth of Pakistan

Prime Minister on Thursday took the decision in a meeting held in connection with the program ‘Wazir-i-Azam Kamyab Naujawan Programme’ (WAKNP) which as mentioned is an initiative aimed to empower the youth with the right skills and opportunities. Something that has not been properly addressed by the former governments, although such youth support drives have been carried out but lacked comprehensive planning and effectiveness.

Usman Dar, special assistant to the prime minister on Youth Affairs briefed the meeting in detail about the initiative that will support the emerging talent and youth through effective schemes and multiple programmes creating education and job opportunities, also assisting them in honing the professional skills that would assist them in the long run of their careers.

He also briefed, “Under the programme, several schemes are being launched for the youth, including youth economic development economic scheme, PM’s green youth movement, PM startup Pakistan, internship programme, Hunarmand programme and Kamyab Naujawan employment exchange programme,”

The youth of Pakistan has definitely been affected with lack of job opportunities and the educational system that has become more of a profiting industry than institutes that add value in the lives of the students. Hopefully, these schemes would not fail us and truly help the aspiring upcoming generation to a better brighter future.


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