A School Principal Created His Own Version Of ‘Fight Club’ In Pakistan But Unfortunately, Somebody Broke Rule #1!


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“The first rule of Fight Club is, you do not talk about Fight Club!” 

Literacy rate of any country plays an important role in portraying its image in the outer world. Where education is seen as a pivotal pillar in flourishing a nation, the civilians represent the country on a wider angle.

Pakistan as its seen by a different glass all over the world, the people living here are totally opposite in real. From the last 3 years, many different video loggers from different countries took the panel of showing the world what Pakistan actually is. The happily satisfying nature of this nation and absorbing in every bit of life is what makes them different.


The World Happiness Index 2019 released this years list and Pakistan, which was at 75 till last year jumped 8 places and is now at 67. Apparently, a principal from Abbottabad’s Future Public School in Nawan Shehr was a huge Fight Club fan, and every Friday, after school ended, he would arrange for fights between students – just the way it was done in Fight Club. The only difference, well, the kids were NOT supposed to talk about Fight Club. They broke rule number 1, and now the principal is behind bars.

The full of life Pakistanis recently laughed way too hard and showed their humorous brains on a viral tweet from Abbottabad. The savage reactions on the post showed how amazing Pakistanis are and their way of carrying situations is out of this world.

Here’s the tweet:

The hilarious reactions Pakistanis gave on the post are proof to the world that we are amazing. Following are some of the replies. Check them and laugh out loud!

What if Brad Pitt is the principal?

This guy must be a pro in ‘school wrestling‘:

We got another fighter here:

Poor guy!

For the ones seeking admission:


The funny part is that the ‘fight club’ got so widely spread that the local police had to intervene and question the principal. The Pakistani awaam got so excited by this news that many are now trying to apply for the club’s membership. Jokes apart, but Pakistanis are asking ‘are you not entertained?’

If you still don’t know what Fight Club is, check this out!

We just hope that the children are learning something of their benefit too apart from ‘kung fu’ and that the principal realizes the actual problem.

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