Fawad Khan And Wife Seem To Be In Serious Trouble After Refusing Polio Drops For Their Children And We’re Confused!


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Fawad Khan is arguably one of the most famous actors in the Indian subcontinent and there are no second questions about his popularity. Millions of people look up to him and idolize him because of how influential he has been as an actor by touching so many hearts through his art, let it be acting or his music. But the star could be in serious trouble as there has been an FIR filed against him for his family allegedly declining polio vaccination for his children. And if this is true, we have to say that Fawad, we really are disappointed.

Polio is a serious issue.

Pakistan is one of the last few nations left where polio is still a problem. And there have been a lot of efforts made for years to eradicate polio from Pakistan. It is necessary that every single child in Pakistan is vaccinated and if someone so popular refuses to get their child vaccinated against this, this sets a really bad example. People in Pakistan have been ignorant towards the need for vaccination probably because they are not adequately aware of the consequences it might have. But if families of superstars like Fawad Khan refuse polio drops for their child, then we do have a reason to worry.

No celeb is bigger than Pakistan.

The people are outrageous seeing this news and rightly so. It doesn’t matter how big of a superstar you are but this is not just about you and your family, it is about Pakistan. There have been so many efforts in the past to get rid of polio and if such influential people refuse to support this cause, it will be pretty difficult. Also, why would anyone refuse polio drops, they were pretty yummy, weren’t they?

First the driver then the family.

So apparently, first Fawad’s driver misbehaved with the polio team and then the family came forward. This is absolutely unacceptable and is basic humanity to not treat any worker harshly as they are only doing their jobs. And Lahore has had a polio case just last week, there is absolutely no second question about getting your child vaccinated.

The reservations.

Prime minister’s focal person on polio eradication, Mr. Babar Atta, tweeted that Mrs. Fawad Khan refused the vaccination because she wants her to get it from the UK. Well, this is not really the mentality we need from the family of a person who is so close to Pakistanis’ hearts.

Polio has been a very serious issue for Pakistan and it needs to be ended completely once and for all. And for that each and every Pakistani has to play his role. We hope that Fawad and his family change their mind and get their kid vaccinated. And if they have wronged any polio worker, they should apologize as it is due.

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