Women Of Mian Channu Beat A Fake Peer After He Tried Molesting A Young Girl


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The charade of fake Peers in Pakistan is one of the worst scourges of the country. A social issue, a taboo, that majority of the population still regard highly and continues to feed through different means.

Fake peers and babas, who claim that they have supernatural powers and knowledge about Islam, deceive the uneducated populous with superstitious means and fabricated ‘taweez ganda’. In Punjab’s Mian Channu, the local community realized just that.


A video that went viral and was reported on by Express News, a fake peer was busted after he couldn’t control his hands or mind. A local woman from Khanewaal had gone to the peer to help find her missing son, who the police could not recover up to the incident.

The woman pleaded to the peer that he give her some taweez or do some ‘dum’ that would help them locate the whereabouts or the kidnappers of her son. In return, the fake peer asked her to bring him a young 15-year-old virgin girl so that he could do ‘dum’ on her and she would be able to locate the missing child on her finger nail.

To this, the woman due to her belief in taweez etc, brought him his desired request, a 15-year-old virgin girl. When the peer countered the girl, he put a blindfold on her eyes and then did what most of us would expect of him. He started to molest the little girl, touching her inappropriately.

When the little girl started screaming, people realized that the peer was doing something wrong. However, the 15-year-old girl took matters into her own hands and started slapping the peer before more people came inside the room. About to suffer his fate, the fake peer tried to escape by jumping out of the balcony, where he fell and fractured his leg.


When the women came down, they found the peer lying there and then everything went haywire. A woman could be seen in the video slapping the peer’s face with her sandal, hitting and kicking him, before more women joined in to thrash the ugly scourge of our society.

After things settled, the police came and took the fake peer into custody, launching a FIR against him. Incidents like this have always happened, but thanks to the age of technology and social media, these demons cannot get away with their heinous activities.

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