This Pakistani Opens Up About The Exploitation Of Consumers By Private Schools And How It Needs To Stop!


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How does monopolization come?

It comes when you gain so much of strength that all others become incompetent. We all are aware that the state of Pakistan fails to provide quality education, a system of education that lacks at all levels, it is dearth in all aspects of standard education.

However, we are also not unaware of how private schools touch the right chord.  They exploit the consumers. My instinct compels me to write on behalf of all the middle-class families, for those breadwinners who spend a substantial part of their income on the education of their children. If monopolies like these start acting victimized, we shall not stay quiet and watch the circus lions entertaining the crowd. Mind you, I am no crowd.


As a commerce student, the first thing you’re taught is that every private organization works for the maximization of profits and no way is saint enough to work for the welfare of people. This is enough to negate all those who claim of their holy assertion. You do not, I repeat you do not do it for the welfare but you solely do it for the maximization of your profits.

I also do not call this wrong because it is justified, if you are providing something you get your right share of profits but charging fees according to your whims and wishes is making education not a social beneficiary but mere exploitation “The Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) presented an audit report on accounts of the 21 private schools. The report said all schools increased the fees, not because of inflation but to increase profits of the owners who are the main beneficiary of such hikes.”

Khaleej Times

As long as it is a trade off absolute gain for both the parties, there should be no whining from either side but just when you exploit the position of concerned parents as they work for vulnerable futures of their children. I must not stay silent. You provide education, most intellectual pedagogues, experienced administrators, the right environment, creative extracurricular activities which is all worthy of appreciation.

But when the white paper with expenses in bold black letters comes with a list of recurring favors you do upon us every month, the list that starts with the basic tuition fee with unending inclusions along the way and finally decides to wrap up the errands of mercy as it reaches the subtotal and for the information you lack, you equally pass down the tax burden upon your consumers because you are an inelastic commodity, a supreme one. This white fee bill brings no ecstasy as it falls too exorbitant on most.

Be it the affluent or a middle-class man struggling to save up pennies. Every consumer complains of the high fee on their respective levels of affordability. Victims are us and not you, monopolies.

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