This Documentary On Fast Food Is Why You Should Stop Having It Entirely


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One of the ever-trending topics of this generation: fast food and health. Even though thousands of medical practitioners and health institutes have exposed the long-term risks of fast food, the world continues to have more and more of it. For the most reasonable of people, it is easier for them to understand that why more than a billion tonnes of chicken is distributed globally and still never do we hear that the chicken or its meat is out of stock. With so much processing and chemicals being used to raise a chick in under 3 weeks, why is it that we continue to ignore this and eat out at some fast food restaurant? A private news channel recently made a documentary on the chicken meat being provided to one of Pakistan’s famous fast-food chains and you will be shocked to see what have you been eating all this time.

The following is the video:

As you can see, a factory in China is selling expired meat to most, if not all, McDonald’s in Pakistan by editing its expiry date on the packaging. The chemicalized chicken meat that we eat every day is now worse than we expected as this Chinese company is selling expired meat to its “best friend”. The short documentary is also questioning the method of slaughter as after exposing this great scandal, how can one be sure that the company truly cares about people of Pakistan.

Halaal and Haraam meat may only be a personal choice for an individual in Pakistan or anywhere in the world, however, the right to clean food is the basic right of humanity and what we get from this restaurant is nothing but the violation of our rights as a human. We have recently seen how this particular fast food chain has upgraded its looks, services, menu, and dining area but, is it all done at the cost of quality of its meat? The restaurant’s authority has claimed that the factory under discussion is the one located in Shanghai, whereas Pakistan imports its meat from the one located in Beijing. It was then discovered that there is no branch of the factory located in Beijing so, what is the fast food chain speaking of?

Fast food items are one of the leading cause of obesity and cancerous growth within our bodies. Yet, we continue to form long queues waiting for our food while neglecting the quality of meat and our rights. Know what you are eating, know what you are feeding to others.

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