Culture and Information Minister Fayyaz ul Hassan Thinks the Opposition Is Purchasing Dollars As a Conspiracy Against the Current Government


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The hiking price of the dollar has left the entire state in shock. With stock market crashing, the dollar going up and various other economic crisis such as import goods’ prices increasing, the Pakistanis continue to put all of this on the new government, which promised to bring prominent change in the first 100 days.

While all of this is due the economic crisis Pakistan is facing, PTI politician, who happens to be Punjab’s Culture and Information Minister, Fayyaz ul Hassan believes that this all a conspiracy against the current government.

On National TV, Fayyaz Ul Hassan Made the Following Comments:

And Obviously, People Knew How Stupid this Logic Is!

And This Isn’t the First Time Fayyaz Ul Hassan Did Something Out of the Ordinary

Previously made lewd comments on women, porn and other unethical subjects.


And You Might Remember this From How Viral It Was

Anyway, at this point, perhaps PTI needs to hire an economics teacher who can teach the entire party some basic elements that are contributing towards this weak situation we are in. Essentially important for a politician to be aware of what he is talking about within his knowledge first, especially when on national TV.

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