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IoBM Founder President, Mr. Shahjehan Syed Karim Passes Away

With deep sorrow, we announce the passing away of Institute of Business Managment (IoBM), Mr. Shahjehan Syed Karim. He was the Founder and President of the institution and rendered a…

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One Year Has Passed Since Turkey’s Failed Military Takeover – Here Is A Recap

What should the people of a nation do if their democratic government is under threat from its own military? Should they run for their lives, or save the life of…

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Chaudhry Nisar Raises Concern Over The Panama Case, Asks For A Miracle

The final verdict of the Panama Case in the Supreme Court can very well be announced in the coming morning of Monday, and the situation is looking extremely downhill for…

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Child Caught Cleaning a Building’s Window in Karachi

Recently, a video began surfacing on social media of an endangered child cleaning a window of a tall building in Karachi. A person documented the entire scenario in a footage…

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Tabdeeli – Winds of Change: What Imran Khan Can Learn from Jeremy Corbyn

The word ‘tabdeeli’ or change, echoes in all quarters of Pakistan. Whilst most use it as a gimmick today, once upon a time, it was the start of a revolution…

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Holy Month of Ramadan Without the Access of Natural Gas

Natural Gas, the one and only natural resource which is available all over Pakistan with cheap rates even in less privileged areas. But yet one historical and unfortunate village in…

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Budget 2017-18 for Pakistan: Analysis by a Student

Being a student of Economics, I am genuinely concerned about the economic state of my country. Budget presented by government every year gives us a trivial hope and glance of…

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