Amir Khan Is Peeing Blood After Getting Punched In The ‘Sensitive Area’ By Crawford And All Men Feel His Pain!


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The boxing world isn’t aware of the class of the British boxer Amir Khan. Amir Khan has a lot of fan following in Pakistan thanks to his Pakistani origins and his frequent visits to Pakistan doing a lot of social work. Khan has done a lot for the promotion of boxing in Pakistan too. But his last few fights have not really been able to justify the rest of his career. His recent match with Terence Crawford ended up with him getting knocked out but according to Khan, he is not a quitter.

A low blow.

The fight between Crawford and Khan met a very unusual end when Crawford accidentally attacked Khan with a low blow. The punch landed very very close to Amir Khan’s sensitive area and that ended up with him peeing blood as per tweeted by him.

Disgusting by Crawford?

People have had different reactions on the result of the fight. Some are calling it disgusting by Crawford as he hit Khan in a place where he really should not have.

Lets cut Amir some slack and not bash him for losing this game and getting knocked out. Imagine yourself getting punched in the nuts. Yes, it really is painful to even imagine that isn’t it? Now imagine being punched by a world-class boxer right there. Not enough? Imagine being punched in the nuts by a world-class boxer that is defending his title. You probably got it right this time. That is what Amir Khan went through.

But some have different opinions about Amir Khan.

A quitter? Come on man, the guy just got punched in the nuts. There is no way he could have continued the fight.

And Pakistanis came defending their champ.

It is kinda cute how Pakistanis think of Amir Khan as their own even though he is a British national, born and bred there play for their country. But we do have a big heart and consider him our own and will defend him no matter what!

One knockout doesn’t define Amir Khan’s abilities and class but if there is a loss, people should not forget his other victories.

Do you guys think he did? Lose it?

The blow really looks pretty bad.

We hope that Amir recovers soon from this injury and gets back on his feet and into the boxing ring and show us what he is made of. Or maybe just..retire because he has already proven a lot.

But anyways, best of luck for the future, champ.

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