A 21-year-old Guy Runs Over and Kills a Policeman in Lahore During New Year’s Celebrations


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This weekend, New Year’s celebrations were in full-swing in every part of the country. While Pakistanis have different ways of enjoying the New Year’s Eve, it goes without saying that one should be responsible for all their actions. This is certainly a major concern because there have been many accidents in the past during New Year’s celebrations.

However, a policeman serving duty lost his life when a guy hit and ran over him in Lahore during New Year’s celebrations. A number of sources reveal that Mustafa Ahmed is the name of the guy and he is probably related to Maryam Nawaz’s daughter.

Watch the following video below as it captures a sedan running over a policeman:

Posted by Hassan Niazi on Monday, January 1, 2018

Pakistanis are absolutely infuriated by this. They regard it as another example of “Abdul Majeed Achakzai” and “Shahrukh Jatoi” cases, which may not be false, to say the least. Further details about this guy surfaced social media shortly after the video went up.

This is MUSTAFA AHMED, who killed this Police Constable last night as part of his New Years celebration. He is Another…

Posted by Hassan Niazi on Monday, January 1, 2018

Pakistanis on social media are coming up with more details about the guy and according to them, Mustafa is the son of Mian Munir who is a PML-N political leader. Social activist Jibran Nasir puts forward further details about the incident and gives a recent update on the case. Here is what he posted:

Update: The FIR has nominated the suspects for 'causing death without intention to cause harm' and 'causing harm by rash…

Posted by Jibran Nasir on Monday, January 1, 2018

We cannot rule out the idea that Mustafa Ahmed’s influential background can play a big part, should he get away with this. It’s normal for families having political influential to use power and authority to get whatever they want, especially saving themselves from the cord of justice.

The FIR lodged here is about “causing death without intention to cause harm”. It goes without saying that this case deserves a fair trial and the perpetrators should be reprimanded in the right way prescribed by law. Besides, there are conflicting reports that Mustafa was not driving the car, however, he is still the owner of this vehicle.

Under the Fatal Accidents Act, any death resulting due to an accident are punishable. Mustafa’s car never slowed down from the distance while approaching towards the barricades.

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