Omar Ayub Trolls Bilawal Bhutto Stating ZAB Called Ayub Khan His ‘Daddy’ And What Is This Siyasat!


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The National Assembly of Pakistan witnessed ruckus on Monday when the opposition and treasury benches came face-to-face in heated exchange of words. It began when Chairman Pakistan People’s Party, Bilawal Zardari, decided to go berserk in his criticism against Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan. Referring to the recent reshuffle in the Federal cabinet, he said that Imran Khan is no choice of the people of Pakistan – he is incompetent and incapable.

Bhutto Called Ayub his Daddy - Parhlo

Omay Ayub took Bilawal Zardari to the cleaners…

While Parliament echoed with racial slurs by the opposition, calling-out the Prime Minister with ‘Go Niazi Go’ slogans; a strong retaliation from the treasury benches was much anticipated.

Omay Ayub Khan, the grandson of Field Marshal, Ayub Khan, stepped down the crease in defense of his captain. And for the purpose, he decided to flip through the chapters of history and said,

«Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto used to call my grandfather, Ayub Khan his ‘daddy’.»

«We have come here with the votes of the people,» Omar said. «The people of the constituency honored us. I have been elected with the highest number of votes.»

Bhutto called Ayub his Daddy - Parhlo
Source: Geo News

Brawl in NA!

Bilawal Zardari who is popular among the youth of Pakistan for his comical delivery of words found it a little uneasy to withstand the knockout jab of the Federal Minister, Omar Ayub Khan.

Opposition members came running to abet Bilawal as they created a buffer around Omar Ayub while tearing down the copies of the agenda. The opposition seemed to have lost all their senses and broke up a fracas in the National Assembly which led to the adjournment of the session…

Bhutto called Ayub his Daddy - Parhlo
Source: PTV News

Yo! I have Western buddies…

Also, it seems as if the debutante was fed well by his aides, as he accused the new interior minister Ijaz Shah of taking Daniel Pearl’s life who was a journalist for The Wall Street Journal with American and Israeli citizenship.

By delivering speeches in a foreign language and bragging references of the past supporting the Western agenda, it is much evident that Bilawal is trying to garner some healthy overseas allies and might succumb to it… Or maybe he is just following the footsteps of his maternal grandfather, Z. A. Bhutto, whose campaign against Ayub Khan was also fully backed by US and Western Capitals.

Bhutto called Ayub his Daddy - Parhlo
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A brief history – the formation of Bangladesh…

Ayub Khan, the second president of Pakistan, assumed the presidency from then-president Iskander Mirza through the first successful coup d’état of the country in 1958.

Having entered politics as one of President Iskander Mirza’s cabinet members, Bhutto was later assigned several ministries during Ayub Khan’s military rule from 1958.

He, however, fell out with Ayub and was sacked from government. Bhutto later founded the PPP in November 1967.

It is to be noted in 1970’s election the total national assembly seats were 300, where 162 in East Pakistan and 138 in West Pakistan. Awami League of Sheikh Mujeeb ur Rehman contested on all seats of East Pakistan and few in West Pakistan whereas PPP of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto did not contest on any seat in East Pakistan but on most of the seats in West Pakistan. Awami League won 160 seats out of 162 seats in East Pakistan. PPP only won 81 seats out of 138 seats in West Pakistan.

Bhutto called Ayub his Daddy - Parhlo

Therefore, there is no way, one can claim that PPP swiped 1970’s election. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto refused to sit on opposition benches and let Awami League of Shaikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman form the government. Bhutto refused to accept Awami League’s six-point autonomy demand that led to the brutal conflict with Shaikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman and his Awami League. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman was the young frontline campaigner of Pakistan movement with the founder of Pakistan Mohammed Ali Jinnah whereas there no such political credentials Bhutto had.

This ultimately led to the formation of Bangladesh, while Bhutto enjoyed his cup of tea in torn Pakistan…

Bilawal, a daddy’s boy!?



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