Younis Khan Revealed a Side of Karachi which Really Breaks Our Hearts!


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Pakistan may not be a divided country, but when it comes to how the cities here are treated, one could easily pinpoint the cities which were and perhaps still are in the wrong hands. What saddens is how no one is ready to take any action. The political parties fight till their last breaths to get power but as soon as they are on the throne, they never look back again.

One of the most neglected cities of Pakistan in terms of infrastructure is Karachi – Pakistan’s city of light. Looking at the conditions, especially after rain aches to the heart of does who care about this country.

A couple of days ago, former Pakistani legendary cricketer Younis Khan showed a place in Karachi which meets the above-stated description. He made the video on the main roads of Malir, stating how awfully made the area is. He stated in the video that the construction started 2 months ago, and there’s no progress whatsoever.

He also mentioned that as soon as it begins to rain in the city, the state of the condition worsens. This is the main road as soon as you leave the airport.

Here’s the Video He Shared

The cricketer made this video not because he wanted to speak against the city, but because he was sharing his concerns. Khan mentioned he is shifting to Karachi and he has been noticing these horrendous situations prevailing in the city.

It just shows that Karachi, being one of the most important cities in Pakistan happens to be one of the most neglected ones. Here’s to hoping the government would take some actions one day.

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