Main Witness of Kasur Child Abuse Case Attacked By the Accused – Victim Pleas the Authorities to Take Notice


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The Kasur child abuse scandal includes a series of over 700 cases that took place in the Hussain Khanwala Village, Kasur, Pakistan. The occurrence of these incidents revolve around the time period of 2006 to 2014, stemming the political scandal later in 2015.

According to various news outlets, hundreds of sexually provoking video clips were found where children were forced to perform sexual acts. The news outlets suggested that around 300 children were involved in these forced acts, with majority of them being male victims. A series of organized crimes, such as child pornography and extortion were said to take place under this child abuse case.

Thus far, no political leader has emerged to take notice of these crimes. A case that remains unsolved from 2015, one witness of the Kasur child abuse case was attacked by accused because he came forward.

In a Video Shared by Barrister Hassan Niazi, Child Abuse Survivors Danish and Sultan Came Forward to Address the Beatings By the Accused Naseem Shahzad Watto and Abdul Hannan

According to the victim, who is a witness of two major child abuse cases of Kasur, was attacked on the road by using sticks and knives. The victim shared that the police is not siding with the victims, and continues supporting the powerful parties of the case.

Here’s the Video of the Victims

Hassan Niazi Also Urged the Human Rights’ Minister, PM, Chief Justice and Martin Kobler to Speak and Address the Matter

This case requires stern attention – the Zainab rape case sparked a nationwide protest on how these cases are going unnoticed till date.

Hope the authorities shed their focus on the Kasur child abuse cases.

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