Veena Malik Took A Dig At Maryam Nawaz On Her ‘Youth’ And Damn, This Did Not Just Happen!


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The education sector in Pakistan has been neglected by the state authorities since forever. Filthy politics has affected various significant factors within the country over the years in an absolute negative way. Most of the country’s political alliances doesn’t even own any degree while many have prepared fake degrees for their own political purposes.

Earlier this week, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI’s) Yasmin Rashid, the current Provincial Minister of Punjab for Primary, Secondary and Specialised Healthcare and Medical Education, in an interview, bashed Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN’s) Maryam Nawaz over her educational background. PMLN supporters were quick to defend their leader-to-be over social media.

Maryam Nawaz faced extreme criticism on her education by a famous Pakistani media personality.

Another renowned Television personality of Pakistan, Veena Malik have again entered the shiny zone by making a savage comment on Maryam Nawaz’s education on Twitter. As the actress was believed to be a supporter of Imran Khan’s PTI, her recent tweet confirmed it for her admirers. Patwaris couldn’t handle the truth and their replies on her tweet were hilarious.

This is the official tweet from Veena Malik’s official handle!

«Ek aurat jisay nalayki ki waja se college main daakhla nahin milta tha…!!!
Wo aaj uth k keh rhi hai Wazir e Azam nalayk hai!!!»

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This steered a never-ending troll among the awaam and the Patwaris. Check them out below!

Aray bibi, Ramzan ka hi khyal kr liya hota!

Being sarcastic? Hell yeah!

Jo bolta hai wohi hota hai?

Bohot hard, bohot hard!

Ye sahab bhi sahi bol rhay hain!

Yes, she definitely does!

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Veena Malik had announced her retirement from the commercial film industry five years back and has been out of the lights-camera-action sequence since then. Twitter is where she is mainly active and she often tweets on the ongoing issues of the country.

Well, this surely served the Insafians VS Patwaris heated brains a major entertainment and it was taken as a laughing stock overall. Probably, this battle will go on till the end of times and their ‘Quaid’ would be still seeking permission to go to London. No offense!

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