Two Matric Students From Faisalabad Killed in an Open-Fire of Police Shootout!


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Accountability is one of the core issues when it comes to the immediate concerns that need to be addressed in Pakistan. We have seen numerous examples where the powerful in Pakistan were freed without being held accountable for their crimes. There are numerous mainstream cases that were all over the media one day and a few days later, we forgot about them. Neither the police nor the government did anything to rectify the actions and the crimes.

Here comes another case which domestically has been raised, yet we await to see if there will be any action against it or not.

Two students of matriculation, Arslan and Usman were killed in a police encounter in Millat Town, Faisalabad. According to the security officers present at the scene, the two boys did not stop at the checkpoint when the police asked them to. They also claim that the boys had a gun, which they used to fire at the police and in retaliation, the police opened fire.

The alleged crossfire then became the reason why Arslan lost his life on the spot. On the other hand, Usman, who was the son of police constable, succumbed to his wounds when rushed to the Allied Hospital.

The families of the two young boys held a protest against the police at the Allied Chowk, blocking the traffic while asking the authorities to take serious actions against these crimes. According to these families, the officers present at the scene, who killed the two boys, were said to be drunk.

For further investigation, a case has been registered against the officers who are responsible for these actions. The families of the two boys urged Chief Justice Saqib Nisar to take Suo Moto over the incident.

Let’s hope serious action and investigation takes place for this case. We need to set an example so that no one gets away with crimes like these.

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