Meet Babar & Gabbar Two Lions Who Roam Freely In A Multani’s House But Pakistanis Are Not Too Impressed

Meet Babar & Gabbar – Two Lions Who Roam Freely In A Multani’s House But Pakistanis Are Not Too Impressed!


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People from different ethnicity in the world have different habits and passions, but Pakistanis are always a little too different in that mannerism too! It won’t be a surprise that the kind of food habits we Pakistanis mutually share, we may be a little divided by the Lahore vs Karachi fight but we can’t bear anyone else pointing fingers at us. Speaking of food and lavish daawatein, there’s one thing that we, as a nation, mutually agree on is a HUGE dastarkhuwan! We love having as many people as it can to come join us for food.

Where we love having grand dinners, we also love having grand spaces and huge houses. But speaking of everything grand, a Pakistani guy named Zulkaf took the «grand» to a whole new level! He owns two cubs and makes them live in his bedroom! YES!

They say if you can’t love your pets as much as your kids, you shouldn’t keep one! So, this guy took this advice too seriously. He has a set schedule for them, keeps them in the bedroom, and never cages them.

Look at this cute little cub, he looks quite comfortable with his friend! No?!


So, Zulkaf and his two beautiful and fierce friends got overnight fame on the internet during the PSL. As Zulkaf likes to flaunt his cubs and other pets, people were quite fascinated by his enthusiasm and his love for pets. He also owns many Australian parrots and loves each one of them.

As a parent loves their kids, Zulkaf loves his lions! He believes that no matter how fierce the animal is, if you love the animal dearly, they will be your loyal friend and companion. In reply to comments of admiration and appreciation, he said that lions are better friends than humans! Ouch! Humans, please note.

Look at these beautiful pets chilling around the house!

Ch kaifi

Posted by Ch Zulkaf on Tuesday, March 19, 2019

He even named both of the lions, Babar and Gabbar! Nice choice of names JBTW! Like they say, the name should resemble the personality, these names go perfectly with the lions. After all these tiktok videos and photos on his Facebook profile, Zulkaf and his pets got so much fame that even news channels went to his home to see how he is keeping them.

While to see lions, one has to go to the zoo and there they cage the lion and leave them alone. But lions love living in «pride», and in the jungle too. They are meant to be kept free and in the wildlife. Caging such kind of animals strips them of their habit of living, but no matter how lavishly one is keeping these animals, no one can tame their wildness.

So, when news channels shared his video people were not very happy with his decision!


Well, this a very tricky situation!


No one can be sure that they won’t hurt anyone. If not the person’s who take cares of them but the onlookers maybe?


Yes, indeed!


But as Zulkaf has kept these lions freely in his house, people come to see them from all over the city!

ملتان کے شہری نے گھر میں ایک نہیں بلکہ دو شیر پال رکھے ہیں

ملتان کے شہری نے گھر میں ایک نہیں بلکہ دو شیر پال رکھے ہیں جو نہ صرف بیڈ روم میں رہتے ہیں بلکہ گھر میں آزادی سے گھومتے پھرتے ہیں.#ARYStories

Posted by ARY Stories on Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Keeping these animals can get a little too dangerous when these cubs will grow up to become big lions as they can harm anyone!

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