Donald Trump Administration Decides to Cut Off Security Aid to Pakistan


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Yesterday on 4th of January State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert told a news briefing in Washington that the U.S will suspend all the security assistance to Pakistan. Trump Administration further explain that the aid will remain suspended until it proves its commitment to fight all terrorist groups operating in the region.

According to sources, this suspension is not a «total cut-off» but a «condition and issue-based». Under this new approach, funds will only be released after that target is achieved.

Heather Nauert told the news briefing…

In the briefing, they also said that Islamabad is on a special watch list, for severe violation of religious freedom.

Ms. Nauret explains that suspension will be effective till Pakistan “takes decisive action” against the terrorist’s group such as that of Taliban who is “destabilizing the region and targeting US personnel”. She also said that, «it certainly has been helpful in some instances,” and  “they are not taking steps they need to take to fight terrorists.”

The aid cut-off will include equipment and the transfer of security-related funds, with possible exceptions for US national security reasons.

“We are still working through the numbers,” said Ms. Nauert when asked upon to give an estimated amount of the suspension in dollars.

Trump Administration had suspended $255 millions of security assistance from the Foreign Military Financing fund, which is used to provide military equipment and training to any friendly country.

Congress has also taken away half of the $700m for reimbursing Pakistan for supporting US war efforts along the Pak-Afghan border and now the suspension will be effective of the remaining $350m which are Coalition Support Fund.

Since Trump tweeted at 4 am on Monday, reports on impending Pakistan have been circulating in Washington. In his tweet, he said, «nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools.”

Until further notice or briefing by State Department, Pakistan does not come under the list of top 10 nations who violation religious freedom.

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