Innocent Transgender Kidnapped And Gang-Raped By Nine Men In Peshawar!


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On Monday, a transgender was abducted and gang-raped by at least 9 people in Gulbahar neighborhood of Peshawar.  The victim was kidnapped because she was advocating the rights of the transgender community. The culprits then threatened the transgender that she would be murdered if anyone found out.

It is said that the said gang was behind the community for a very long time. The community complained about the group to police for the threats but no actions were taken. Law enforcement is unwilling to take any actions against the culprit group despite there crimes being so consistent.

Later after the incident, police did not send the victim to the hospital for examination and treatment. Transgender in Pakistan have always faced lack of support from general community and government. In Peshawar many times before trans communities have marched for their rights, asking from the government of Pakistan and United Nations. All across the country, the trans community is fighting for their basic human rights which are common to other people as normal.

In Karachi Biniya Rana, who is the president of the Gender Interactive Alliance – An organization working for the rights of transgenders – insisted that the transgender are capable of solving all their problems.

Rana said:

The transgenders do not want to dance on the streets or beg for money, accept us as equal humans and provide us chances for employment.

On January 17, a transgender was shot and injured in Peshawar. Abid, who is also known as Sonia, was fired upon in the Pahandu area of the city and had to be rushed to the hospital in a critical condition.

In a world where nations are moving towards betterment in every aspect of life to have a good environment to live. Pakistan is still unable to give the basic human right to trans community; such as safety, shelter, equal employment opportunity.


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