This Video of a Beggar On Board a Flight From Doha to Iran Is Going Insanely Viral


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There’s a video circulating everywhere featuring a certain beggar on board a flight. The video has been circulating all over social media and you might have stumbled upon it scrolling down your news feed. Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority has rejected any claims that the beggar was a Pakistani national.

Since, there is a large population of beggars in the country, it is pretty understandable to lodge a claim, saying that the man was Pakistani. But, it calls into question that how can a person like that board a plane? A local news channel reports that the beggar was an Iranian national, not Pakistani.

Video of the beggar on board the flight goes viral on social media:

Karachi Sy Bangkok Janay Wali Niji Airline Ky Tayyaray Main Bhikari Ghus Gaya, Bikhari Musafiro Sy Bheek Mangta Rha Jubky Fizai Maizban Sir Pakar Kr Bethgye.

Posted by Karachi – The City Of Lights on Monday, June 18, 2018

People are absolutely shocked to witness the scenes here. The video has already gone pretty viral. The users on social media continue to express their shock as to how a man like that can manage to book a flight?

It can also be seen here in the video that the beggar is being stopped by a flight attendant, or at least tried to. The beggar is unnamed yet. Since she could not stop the beggar from such antics, she had to call up the male crew on board the flight and ask them for help. But all to no avail as the beggar kept on doing what he intended on doing.

We can also see in the video that some passengers are trying to help the beggar, handing him out some money that they have. People have not given much thought to it and just plainly went on helping the individual. Nothing can explain that if a person can be urged to beg on a flight then how could they have arranged thousands of rupees to buy the plane ticket?

Well, this remains quite a mystery and people are gripped by the news. What do you guys say?

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