Teenage Girl from Karachi was Drugged and Raped in a Farmhouse Near Gadap


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Rape cases in Pakistan continue being on a rise, with no accountability or protection of women. Despite finding the culprits, the police and the law and order in Pakistan has failed to set any standard or sense of guilt among the criminals.

In the outskirts of Karachi, another incident took place where a teenage girl from Karachi was drugged and raped in a farmhouse. As per the reports of Geo News, the 16-year-old unidentified girl went to a farmhouse with her boyfriend. SSP Malir Munir Sheikh shared that the girl had gotten in an argument with her family members, upon which she left the home with her boyfriend.

Police Surgeon Dr. Saleem said that the blood sample of the girl has been sent to the chemical examination, which will then confirm which drug was given to the girl. However, the lady doctor at the hospital examined and confirmed that the girl was drugged and raped.

The girl was shifted to the hospital by three boys, including the boyfriend named Shah Rukh. The police has arrested Shah Rukh and two other suspects who are his friends, also present at the farmhouse. The girl stated that she was drugged by Shah Rukh’s friend named Faizan.

The initial statement of the victim includes that Shah Rukh and his two other friends, Ahsan and Maaz beat Faizan before she was taken to the hospital.

With the new government, it is important to make changes in the precedents set by previous governments – where there was no accountability or law and order. With Karachi being governed by a new party in power, PTI needs to establish some serious laws to protect women of this country.

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