Syria Burns Again, As 400+ People Are Killed In Air-Strikes Including Women And Precious Children!


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Humanity is dying another death once again, as the attacks on Syria have begun again. The open slaughter of humans in Syria should have enraged us like never before, yet we will just shrug it off, like we’ve always done before.

This time, the place is Eastern Ghouta, which is thought to be the last stronghold of the rebels. However, there are thousands of innocent civilians residing in the same area, more vulnerable than rebels who are in hiding. The indiscriminate bombing and airstrikes in Eastern Ghouta has killed 400+ people in 5 days, including innocent women and precious children.


Over 10 hospitals have been targeted, along with medical workers and ambulances who have gone to the injured’s aid. Even in war between countries, targeting hospitals and ambulances, along with schools, is registered as ‘crimes against humanity’ but nobody is willing to say it in this case, as Ghouta burns, along with its people.

You may wonder, who is responsible for this massacre, this atrocious game of life and death? The answer is simple, it’s the same people who did it before. The same stakeholders in Syria, which include the Bashar Al-Assad government, the anti-Assad rebels (proxies of America – funded by them), Iran and Russia.

Heartbreaking images have come from Eastern Ghouta, ones that would break any human’s heart into a billion pieces. Pictures and videos of children being recovered from rubble, humans without limbs, children dying of starvation and God knows, that whoever is responsible for all this, one day, will have to pay the price, either in this world, or in the Hereafter.

Yesterday, the United Nations forcefully called a ceasefire in Syria, which was agreed upon by everyone. However, only a dozen hours later, the airstrikes continued from Bashar Al-Assad’s side as the government began another crackdown on rebels, killing more innocent civilians in collateral damage.

The hunger and starvation going in Ghouta is exemplary. Videos of children have erupted, begging for food and water, for basic needs of life. They are vulnerable, scared and dying, while Pakistan and the rest of the world enjoy their steady lives.

Fathers begging and pleading that they wish it had been them who have died instead of their children, children crying over dead bodies of their parents, and the world watches, wondering how they could help the ones in Syria. The bigger powers need to realize that these aren’t mere numbers, the death toll. They were all living, breathing humans, just like they are. #WakeUpForSyria

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