Guy From Sindh Went Live On Facebook Seeking Help After Police Threatened To Kill Him


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There’s a very strong reason why the general populous of Pakistan tries to avoid any systematic encounter with the police. It is always assumed that the police would go against their own ethics to benefit themselves.

Yesterday, a man from Karachi, Syed Khalil Ahmed started his live feed on Facebook titled ‘They might kill me’ — a title so strong, that it got the attention it deserved.


In the video, Syed Khalil Ahmed claimed that a Sindh Police SP named Abid Qaimkhani had openly threatened to kill him via an encounter after framing him for something he did not do. Khalil further claimed that he had no police/illegal record anywhere in Pakistan and because he was a political figure of Awaami Raaj Tehreek and had filed a CP in court against the police, he was being framed.

While Khalil recorded the live video, the police force, approximately 10-15 men had gathered outside his brother’s house to arrest him. Khalil had been hiding inside his own house and the reason to do the live feed was to tell the people that if anything happened to him, SP Abid Qaimkhani would be responsible.

Khalil went on to prove that the police was after him by asking his friends to take pictures of the police mobile that had come to arrest him. People from all over Sindh have been supporting Khalil, as police are famous for framing and encountering people. The reason police is after Khalil is that in September, he had filed a CP in the court against the police, namely SSP Malir Karachi and SHO Sachal, Karachi.


Khalil kept on repeating that he was under direct threat of murder from SP Abid, who had told many people that he would encounter Khalil. People under the live feed kept commenting on how Sindh Police IG AD Khwaja must take a notice of the issue and save Khalil’s life.

The ‘police-gardi’ in Sindh is a bitter truth. There is a host of examples where police have forced the writ of law upon innocent people by framing them for things they have not done. Khalil, at the end of the video, clearly stated that if anything happened to him, Sindh Police would be responsible.

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