This Leaked Video Of Shahzeb Khanzada Dancing Like There’s No Tomorrow Is Spreading Like Wildfire!


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It doesn’t take too long to make someone look like a walking pile of embarrassment if people don’t like him/her or believe that they have a full right to say whatever pleases them just because they deem the other person unfit for the society.

Recently, we stumbled upon a video where the Geo News anchor Shahzeb Khanzada is having a ball with his friends and his wife at a dance party. The video had Khanzada, grooving on a Bollywood song. While he was having a fun sessh with his peers, people were just too quick to invade his privacy and judge him.

Sometimes our female celebrities smoking and the other, these anchors having fun – the public doesn’t hesitate to begin their ‘ghairat parade’ and show their emotions. Some thought that the video was completely okay and there is no ‘news’ in it, the others, however, were a bit vocal about the clip and did not quit criticizing.

If tomorrow, any of us local citizens are being harassed and judged on a video that was personal and harmless, would that be okay? Honestly, we believe that we need to be okay with the fact that he was having fun and that’s just is personal life. How is that affecting anyone at all?

Khanzada recently tied the knot, his wedding highlights took Instagram by storm and it was yet another star-studded celebrity wedding. Shahzeb emerged as a journalist not too long ago and ever since he hasn’t been short of popularity. He’s one of the mainstream journalists belonging to the Pakistani media hemisphere.

He hosts a talk show that discusses current affairs and airs every Monday to Friday. Shahzeb Khanzada is a Former anchorperson of Express TV who also received best Anchor person Award for 2013.

These are the few comments that people had:

Some respected his privacy..

He’s just dancing and this seems alright to post!

The others, not so much..

And why? Like what’s the purpose of this comment? Rolls eyes*


It’s funny how they hate it but they still want to leave a comment..

This comment took the cake!

Or the cheese?

In a nutshell, Shahzeb Khanzada is a young thriving anchor who gained his popularity with the Shahzeb Khan and Shahrukh Jatoi case. He’s an aspiring artist and plenty of people look up to him. To be honest, he could be the new Hamid Mir of this age and its unfair how people just scream out their opinions without giving it a thought or two. What’s your take on this?



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