A Saudi Arabian Twitter Account has been Banned after joking about 9/11 Attacks


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Ties between Canada and Saudi Arabia are becoming even more strained. A social organization in Saudi Arabia by the name of Infographic KSA posted the following image on Twitter:

They received massive amounts of critcism, and the reason is obvious- the image has a huge similarity to the 9/11 attacks in the US. The tweet was later deleted.

The image shows a plane flying towards the CN tower. This on its own might not be reminiscent of the of the 9/11 attacks. However, the hijackers of the planes in 9/11 had a total of 15 Saudi citizens in between them. Together, the image leaves little to the imagination as it looks like a very real representation.

The now-deleted tweet is one of many tweets by Saudis against Canada. Ties between these countries have deteriorated significantly since the Saudi Arabian government arrested two human rights activists, which Canada has been demanding them to release since the last few months.

The Saudi Ministry of Media later ordered the account to shut down “until investigations are completed.”

The account itself is verified on Twitter and has a total following of 350,000 on Twitter and 80,000 on Instagram. They posted an apology to their Twitter account, saying that the plane was supposed to show the recently-deported Canadian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. But apparently it wasn’t enough as the account was shut down, possibly on the orders of the Saudi goverment.

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