A Renowned Hospital in Karachi Is in a Sorry State and the Authorities Need to Take Action


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Health care is one of the basic facilities that every citizen of a country holds a right for. However, Pakistan is one country where people are deprived of a large number of fundamental rights. This continues to be a nuisance for citizens as well as a dilemma that we continue to deal with our society.

Apart from basic health care, many hospitals run public hospitals are running in shambolic conditions. We have a handful number of public hospitals that offer free treatment in Pakistan. Recently, many public hospitals were exposed for having run-off-the-mill conditions or more like being a breeding ground for all kinds of diseases.

Just lately, somebody shared a number of pictures of a renowned hospital in Karachi where citizens actively visit to seek treatment. The pictures show this hospital in a deplorable condition and it further instigates that it cannot be treated as a place where people seek medical care. Have a look yourself:

The message on the left serves so much irony here.

How can this place be qualified as a hospital?

Authorities seem to have no concern, whatsoever for the horrific state

These pictures speak of a grave prospect

Unfortunately, there are many hospitals in Pakistan having a deteriorating condition. The people in charge continue to complain that they have not been given enough funds to manage some progress of such places. However, a basic budget is always alotted to public hospitals and they are liable to cover up in the share provided to them.

On the contrary, we come across many controversies about private hospitals where you can at least expect a certain standard of cleanliness. We have not yet explored what goes around at these public places where most of the citizens have to visit as a part of no choice but the only resort.

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