Reham Khan Is Being Trolled After Replying To Musharraf's Comments And Is Bechari Ko Baksh Do Please -

Reham Khan Is Being Trolled After Replying To Musharraf’s Comments And Is Bechari Ko Baksh Do Please!


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Recently, in an interview with Hum News which featured Pakistani journalist Nadeem Malik, former president of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf, stated that JeM made an effort to end his life. He also said that in 2004 there was an attempt to silence him for life but he thankfully had his life saved.

Here’s the full conversation

After the interview, the tweet below was shared in an attempt to gain Reham Khan’s attention who’s a British Pakistani journalist and the former wife of PM Imran Khan.


Khan usually responds and reacts on all the current events, so our guess is that this user wanted her opinion on the entire interview that went down between Musharraf and Malik!

Reham Khan has been in the news since the story of her wedding to Imran Khan broke out. Her behavior has since bemused and often flabbergasted people. Reham Khan is that one person who’s always been under the limelight and somehow or the other she gets dragged in the matter.

Right after the above tweet was shared, Reham Khan responded with this:

Once Khan shared her tweet, there was a massive response from people and the responses were quite interesting.

This user really mocked her

Another user just went ahead and did this!

Har cheez mein aaj kal undercover Adnan Sami aajate hain!

Wow! Look at that…

That’s a lot of rage coming through various users


Just after her book was published which was supposed to be an autobiography but that turned into slaying IK’s character. Khan just flew from Pakistan and never missed a chance to flaunt the fact that she’s an epitome of perfection (at least that’s what she believes).

Moreover, according to research, upon growing up, and being a working woman, she had a really hard time at the workplaces, especially BBC North, where according to her, women used to be jealous of her, because of her looks. She believed that the world was a tough place for women who were attractive.

Let’s see what’s more to come from Reham Khan and what sorts of drama she brings to the table. The masses really don’t leave a single opportunity to roast her. If you have something to add to this story, let us know!


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