Raza Bughti Finally Speaks Up With Evidence After He Was Alleged Of Raping A 15-Year-Old!


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These days when social media has become a huge community, anything and everything can be proved real. Every day a number of new stories are piled up on the internet which creates a new debate among the users.

A few days back, a case from the district east of Karachi took the internet by storm. A video of a lady named, Samreen Asif was seen accusing Raza Bughti, who is said to be her landlord of allegedly raping her 15-year-old daughter and people were quick to judge. While everyone was hoping for the concerned authorities to look into the matter another video came up and turned the case into a whole new dimension. The video showed Samreen and Raza having a fun time and the 15-year-old was just sitting right beside them.

A First Information Report (FIR) is said to be lodged against Raza Bughti in the Jauhar police station and Inspector General of Police (IGP) Kaleem Imam has taken notice of the case. A committee has been formed and the head of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Azhar Mahesar is leading the committee.

As the case got more intense, famous TV personality and social worker Waqar Zaka jumped in and posted his opinion on the matter. Raza Bughti who was accused of rape charges saw his video and contacted him to provide a clear vision of the story. The meeting was held at Zaka’s place and everything was recorded. Soon after the meeting, Zaka posted the video on his youtube channel and it opened another confusing door to the case.

This is the video Zaka posted:

Now, everyone is just confused about who is right and who is lying. Where Samreen is accusing Raza of allegedly raping her daughter, Raza is assassinating her character and that she created all this drama so that she can live rent-free in my house. Raza even shared voice recordings and threats he’s been receiving from different political alliances.

As the case is proceeding forward many different angles have been exposed. The awaam is now just hoping for the truthful party to get justice and that guilty is punished.

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