A 7-Year-Old Girl Was Abused By The Principal & Canteen Owner Of A Private School In Lahore And It Is So Disturbing!


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As the government is creating strategies to put an end to child-related issues, another heart-wrenching incident circulated the media two days back. The case involves a 7-year-old reportedly abused in her school by Wajid Ali said to be running the school canteen and the principal shows no concern over the matter. Her handicapped mother is now seeking justice for her daughter but no one is helping her out.

“He says that you don’t have a father and your mother is handicapped, I’ll kill her”!

As per sources, the victim and her mother, Parveen are residents of Eden Valley Homes in Lahore and the man of the house is deceased. The child is said to be adopted and the mother is handicapped. The child is said to be studying in Allied School, Lahore. The mother stated that from a month, she was noticing an abnormal behavior in her child and that she came home from school covered in dust, twice. “He will kill you” is the only thing she would say and then she would just scream and look scared whenever its time for school.

Once again, she came home from school all covered in dust and this increased Parveen’s worry. As she called the school to inquire about the activities, the principal named Hafiz Muhammad Imran Gondal gave her a shut up call. On 13th May, as the child came home from school, she locked herself in a room and hid under the bed. Somehow, Parveen got her to open the door and took out the pencil nip from her face which Wajid had pinched. It is also revealed that he would forcefully show illicit videos to the child and would then ask her to act the same. He would even make cuts with a knife on children’s neck.

The child finally exposed the school’s illegal activities.

Gradually, the child opened up and told Parveen about the illegal activities going on within the school premises. According to the mother, her child was consistently ill from some time and a little makeup would be on her face whenever she came home. Parveen was then told by her daughter that children are being abused by the canteen guy and with her, this has been going on from the last one and a half months. It is also believed that Hafiz Muhammad Imran Gondal, the principal is also involved in these torturous activities and is even supporting the canteen guy, Wajid.

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Here’s a picture of the school principal who calls himself a master of Psychology!

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A complaint has been filed in the Green Town Police Station by the mother but no progress was made. In fact, Sub Inspector Rana Nazeer declared the accomplices innocent and asked Parveen to back out. After all the chaos and misery, Parveen is disappointed in the law enforcing agencies of the country and is urging the general public to help her out.

Waqar Zaka, a renowned personality of Pakistan covered this whole story with pieces of evidence on his official YouTube channel. The statement of Parveen was taken through a WhatsApp video call which he recorded and later uploaded on his channel.

This is the whole statement recorded by Zaka:

The case fully represents the failure of our authorities and law enforcing agencies that these sick minded elements are increasing every day. The government should look into this matter and help out Parveen in every possible way and the culprits should be punished in such a way that it sets a threatening example for others.

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