PM Imran Khan Just Ordered Best Medical Facilities For Nawaz Sharif And OMG, Pakistanis Are Loving This Gesture -

PM Imran Khan Just Ordered Best Medical Facilities For Nawaz Sharif And OMG, Pakistanis Are Loving This Gesture!


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Prime minister Imran Khan has been winning hearts over and over again let it be guarding Pakistan’s sovereignty over the Pulwama incident or being the absolute sweetheart he is. Khan sb has just proven himself again, that he is a man of honor. Political differences aside, PM Imran has ordered CM Punjab Usman Buzdar to make every health facility available for Ex-PM Mian Nawaz Sharif.

A sweet gesture.

Prime minister Imran Khan said in a tweet that he has asked CM Usman Buzdar to make sure every health facility in the country is available for Mian Nawaz Sharif. Ex-PM Mian Nawaz Sharif is being held in Kot Lakhpat jail and there have been several reports of his constantly deteriorating health. And this gesture by Imran Khan is pretty sweet and dignified as everyone knows the rivalry between the two parties.

Here’s his tweet!

Thank you, PM.

Well, noon league supporters should appreciate this act by Imran Khan too. Not every rival is this nice and Khan sahab ek hi dil hai kitni dafa jeetaingay? And Mian Nawaz Sharif should really take this offer and get his treatment done.

A humane act.

Through this tweet, Imran Khan got the respect of everyone even those who don’t support him and this is how a leader needs to be. You may have a difference but if you are respected by all this means that you really are doing something great. And seeing PM’s concern about MNS’s health is absolutely really good to see.

Mian sahab’s health is getting worse day by day.

It is very true that MNS’s health is getting worse with every passing day and he needs to get treated as soon as possible. Doctors say that there’s a serious case of cardiac damage. But Nawaz Sharif has refused treatment, he really needs to stop being stubborn and avail this offer by PM Imran Khan.

He really needs to get his treatment done.

Maryam Nawaz Sharif tweeted earlier that Mian sahab has denied being shifted to a hospital and his condition has worsened. She also requested the jail authorities to establish adequate health facilities within the premises of the jail. Well, Mian sahab now that Imran Khan has wished well for you and asked CM Punjab to make any health facility in Pakistan to be available for you, you really need to make use of that.

We hope Mian Nawaz Sharif gets well soon and is treated properly.

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