A Pakistani Security Guard Left A Heartfelt Message To His Son Who Studies In A University And We’re Not Crying, You Are!


A Pakistani Security Guard Left A Heartfelt Message To His Son Who Studies In A University And We’re Not Crying, You Are!


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Every day, we come across inspiring stuff on the internet and it really leaves us speechless. This story is also going to inspire you and make you feel grateful for what you have. This will also instigate love for your parents and especially your dad. We might not understand the sacrifices that are made by our parents but stories like these make us realize how underappreciated fathers can be.

A real hero.

Someone on Twitter posted this story where he mentioned that he was standing outside Bank Alfalah and the security guard approached him. The guy was busy on his phone and the guard asked him if he had WhatsApp on his phone to which the guy replied yes. Then the guard asked for his picture to be clicked.

Why did he ask for the picture?

You might be wondering for what reasons the guard wanted his picture to be taken? How can a random guard come up to someone and randomly ask for his picture to be clicked out of nowhere? Obviously, it is going to make you wonder and you will ask why?

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The reason was this.

The reason why he wanted his picture to be taken will make you feel all kinds of things in your heart. He wanted to send a picture of himself working in the scorching sun, to his son. He wanted to motivate his son who is studying at Agriculture University.

And this really is something we need to appreciate. The father wanted his son to see how hard he is working for him and all he needs to do is study. Most of the times we take fathers for granted and we choose to ignore the sacrifices they have made for us. But posts like these brew up a whole new love for our parents.

This father and every hardworking father deserve all the respect.

This is a story of only one father out of so many who spend all their lives working hard just to make sure their kids have a good life. They will ignore their own happiness and comfort just to ensure their kids do not sleep hungry. Such fathers need to be appreciated every single day.

So go hug your father today and tell him you are proud of him. These little gestures can mean a lot to dads. And just a reminder, your dads pay hundreds and thousands of rupees on your degree, carry a freaking pen to the class.

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