Indians 'Tried' To Paint A Pakistani Flag On The Streets Of India And Pakistanis Are Seriously Not Offended -

Indians ‘Tried’ To Paint A Pakistani Flag On The Streets Of India And Pakistanis Are Seriously Not Offended!


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The relationship between Pakistan and India are in hot water after the Pulwama terror attack. But this has turned people from both sides of the border into warriors behind the screens fighting for their nation. It won’t be wrong to say that social media in India and Pakistan has definitely become a battleground. And this video just came on Twitter where Indians have drawn a flag on the road which almost looks like Pakistan. And wow we are scared.

What a surgical strike guys.

So their approach to defeat Pakistan is by making a flag of Pakistan on their roads and running vehicles over it. Yes, that is going to really affect us and destroy Pakistan as a nation. Such a highly effective way, totally recommended. But please guys, at least get the flag straight, the white part on our flag is on the left, not right.

Not all Indians.

Some sensible Indians came forward and called out this extreme stupidity. Disrespecting a country’s flag is actually pretty despicable and there literally is no outcome of it. These sorts of acts just show how deeply invested one is in someone’s hate that leads them to do such things.

Should we be afraid? These people look dangerous.

Here is a picture of Indians standing in rain holding umbrellas and, wait for it, watering plants. So what we are dealing with here is a nation that fights back making flags on roads thinking it is “offensive” and those water plants during rain.

The difference.

Do you guys remember that video of Shahid Afridi where he asked the Indian fan to open the flag of her country for the picture? This right here is the difference between us and them and it clearly shows who is the bigger person here. Indian celebrities and cricketers are calling for war and our celebs really advocate peace in every possible way whatsoever.

We really don’t care.

Someone asked Afridi about his thoughts on Gautam Gambhir’s comments regarding the Indo-Pakistan situation and Lala really didn’t give a sh*t. And everyone across the border has already launched surgical strikes through the internet.

The joke’s on you India.

Humaray flag main tou white part itna bara hai he nahi.

So this was an absolutely immature gesture by some Indians, drawing Pakistan’s flag on the road and seeking some kind of pleasure out of it. Well, let us be clear on one thing, this really doesn’t have any effect on Pakistan whatsoever, aagay jaise apki khush

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