Pakistani Authorities Turned Away Indian SpiceJet Cargo Plane After It Entered Pakistan Airspace And This Is Just Hilarious!


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The issues between India and Pakistan has caused us to change a lot and be vigilant of who crosses our airspace. After entering Pakistan’s territory on Wednesday, Pakistani officials compelled a SpiceJet fighter jet on its way from Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates to Afghanistan’s Kabul, two representatives familiar with the issue said.

Just after the Indian airbase on an extremism camp in Pakistan on February 26, Islamabad managed to open its airspace in phases in end of February. Authorities of the Aviation Bureau – General (DGCA) said Pakistani territory is shut for airlines from India. The operator may have assumed that the flight could enter the airbases of Pakistan as it was not fated for or from India.

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“It was a Boeing 737 cargo plane with registration number VT- SFB. SpiceJet launched cargo flights from January and it has been going to Afghanistan and Hong Kong regularly. The pilot has submitted the information to the DGCA and once he returns, we might ask for more details,” a DGCA official stated.

India held out the Balakot airbase after Pakistan – focused Jasih – e – Mohammad claimed credit for the 14 February attack on a covert convoy that killed 40 security staff in Jammu and Pulwama district of Kashmir.

Air India, for instance, has been spending about Rs 15 lakh extra per flight to the US and Europe due to extra flying time because of the Pakistan airspace closure, as the tensions have continued between New Delhi and Islamabad with frequent cross-border firing since the air strike.

Constant text messages and calls to DGCA chief BS Bhullar and SpiceJet about Pakistan’s refusal to let the cargo plane use its airspace remained unanswered.

A Swedish internet-based service showing real-time commercial aircraft flight details on a map, Flightradar24 showed active flight activities on the border in both Pakistan and Afghanistan. The SpiceJet aircraft was also shown on its way from Sharjah to Kabul and later reverting part way.

“Not allowing flight into the airspace is not a violation of any international rule as Pakistan might be doing this due to safety reason,” said Mohan Ranganathan, an aviation safety expert.

Some Pakistanis are trolling India after this incident

As per travel website employees, the relocation of Pakistani airspace has also led to a steep rise in tariffs — by 40 – 50 percent on the same day and in some cases up to 200 percent for last – minute tariffs. Imports and exports have also become more costly as freight planes have to take diversions as well.

Other users commented on how the pilot wanted to take a ‘shortcut’

piceJet announced dedicated freighter services between Guwahati and Hong Kong on January 18 this year under the brand name of SpiceXpress.

On January 19, Guwahati took off another flight carrying a delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables. Boeing 737 freighters were employed on the journey with an estimated density of 18 tons.

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