This Is How You Can Join The Pakistan Army In PMA Long Course 144 And Serve The Nation

This Is How You Can Join The Pakistan Army In PMA Long Course 144 And Serve The Nation!


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Pakistan army is the toughest and the most competent than any other army in the world. People know that our boundaries are strong because it’s Pakistan army who is awake and make sure that the people of the country are having a peaceful sleep. They have fought unannounced fights, gave their sons at into the mouth of death for the sake of common people’s safety. Yet after all this, there are brave parents of young and enthusiastic kids who want their beloved children to serve the nation.


We have so many young people in the country who are passionate to serve the nation. And being recruited in the army is their utmost dream. So, Pakistan army selection and recruitment center just posted their criterion for selection!

If you are looking to get in the army here’s everything you need to know!


Working for the army is not just giving services but it is a passion to serve and protect the people of the country. If we strike the debate of how the soldiers are put into the most dangerous of situations and that they go in the field with the fact in my that their life is not theirs only. They go prepared that they would die in the name of the beloved country. Not just do they know, but the families know too.

Having known all these facts what could possibly be better than having such a great and consistent army. We have heard many other nations praising the Pakistan army for its work, there have been many times when Pakistan army has helped it allies get out of trouble. Our army still stands still with its stance of helping the friends and protecting our own land which has given birth to the bravest lions of all.


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