The PAF Air Chief Marshal Flying An F-16 On Pakistan Day Parade Is Giving Every Pakistani Major Goosebumps

The PAF Air Chief Marshal Flying An F-16 On Pakistan Day Parade Is Giving Every Pakistani Major Goosebumps!


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Pakistan air force has always been a source of pride to this country since forever. And recent incidents have proved Pakistan air force’s brilliance and competence yet again when some Indian guests came to visit us a while back. Hint: how’s the tea? Well, that put aside we really love the air shows on 23rd March by our air force do we not? You’d be lying if you say you didn’t stick to your TV sets early in the morning waiting for the parade and air show to start. And you will be amazed to see that our air chief led the flypast by flying an F-16 himself this Pakistan Day.

This is our Air Chief Marshal.

Have you seen something better than this? A country’s air chief leading from the front and telling the enemy to make no mistake because our forces are always guarding the skies? Pak Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan looks absolutely fantastic in this video and this definitely is guaranteed to give you some goosebumps. Here he can be seen flying an F-16 on the Pakistan day parade and addressing the nation in the coolest possible way. Your air chief could never.

Check out this video!

You got ’em too, right? Thought so!

Really the coolest thing you will see.

If this isn’t the coolest thing you have seen on the Pakistan Day Parade then what is? India really needs to think thrice before thinking of entering our territory again. These scenes look like they are coming straight out of an action movie.

Absolutely LIT.

This is the coolest way you can introduce yourself to the nation. And then he crosses all the limits of being cool when he warned the rivals when he said make no mistakes. This is brilliant if we know our air chief himself is leading our air force from the front. It is because of our brave forces, we can sleep peacefully at night knowing that our skies are guarded with these brave men protecting us.

Our armed forces are our pride and we know that with them there, our country is in safe hands. And we have seen this in the past and if the time comes, we will see that again. Pakistan day is a day where our patriotism is at its peak and we should thank our armed forces this day for always protecting us. May Allah protect this nation and always. Pakistan Zindabad. Pak fauj, paindabad!

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