This Pakisani Officer At A Passport Office Was Caught Doing Something Utterly Gross And WTH?!

At some point in our lives, we all have been through this phase called “green passport” talashi! Yeah, you heard that right, and if you haven’t been in that situation, then you definitely would have heard some horror stories. Stories like where you are a just a random Pakistani amidst all others and during the immigration, they see your alone green passport and act a little weird. Which is later followed by the “special” checking and you are asked to come into a room, and they won’t leave until the plane is leaving.

These are just the lesser version of the horrible stories that Pakistanis have experienced. We often hear fellow Pakistanis complaining about their airport experiences abroad, and we pity those poor souls. But what we miserable fail at is, how other foreigners are treated in our country?!

Our pyary Pakistani no matter how hospitable, humble and kind they are, few of us are a little creepy. They stare at them till they feel awkward, they rob them, and even bother them for no reason and call it “shugal” LOL!

But this one incident that a Chinese fellow recorded in his phone at the immigration shocked many people and Pakistanis zara sharminda hain. Ouch!

Matlab, kuch bhi? It’s the 21st century, do the guy run out office supplies or what? Immigration office does not provide their people enough glue? That they need to use their “super saliva” instead of super glue or stick the visa? GROSSS!!

Someone uploaded this video on the twitter and all of the Pakistani are legit ashamed.

Are you thinking the same? Start sanitizing all your documents that ever paid a visit to immigration.

You’d never see your passport the same way ever again. But the funniest part in the video is that seems to not care about anything at all. Like this is’his job to lick people’s visa and he loves it, “Sir we don’t need glue this month in office supplies, we have hired human glue” How about dat??

Have anything to add to the story? Let us know in the comments, maybe share your horrible airport story? Eh?! Cheers! 😉