This Brave Man In Nathiagali Saved An Army Officer’s Life Who Was Stuck In Snow And This Is The Real Face Of Pakistan!

We often hear this over the internet and TV when people say that Pakistanis are the most hospitable people. They are the best guests and sweetest of all. Well, to many foreigners, Pakistanis may be the sweetest because this very nation knows empathy. They are the sweetest because they know that a guest should always be served with the best of meals and the best of treatments.

But the same Pakistanis never turn a deaf ear when it comes to helping or serving the fellow Pakistanis. These guys from a small restaurant in Nathia Gali Mushkpuri did something that no one would have done. Knowing the fact that the weather is crazy and it can kill them while doing so, they still did.

This owner of a restaurant wrote in favor of his staff, who helped a wife dig out her husband from 16 feet deep snow!

“‘An army officer Customer buried under snow- rescued by Sweettooth Mushkpuris heroic employee’


Stuck under 16feet of snow for more than three hours, he breathes life- our customer Yasir was rescued by a brave employee of Sweettooth Mushkpuri …Shaheen

Yasir Along with his wife visited Sweettooth Mushkpuri, it started snowing, the lady luckily took one of our employees numbers to ask him about the weather conditions and the availability of stuff before coming …
On the way back a car was blocking the road coz it got stuck in the snow … so Yasir got off to help them out… as they were pushing the car, piles of snow came out of nowhere and took all of them down.
While the wife and kids were parked at a distance so they were safe, the wife rushed to the pile of snow and started digging in, the brave lady single-handedly dug out 2 boys from that snow then she remembered she had our employee’s cell number so she called him n told him what had happened while the ones she rescued rushed inside the car rather than helping the lady, she begged for them to help but the selfish didn’t leave the car, while thanking God that they were alive.

The place of accident was about 7 km away from Sweettooth Mushkpuri, Shaheen gathered shovels and along with the other staff had walked all that way shutting the restaurant down, to rescue!
They walked and ran while the snow was falling and it was dark, as soon as they got there they started digging, hours of labor and there was no sign of Yasir, now it had been 2 and a half hours and everyone suspected that Yasir and remaining two boys won’t be alive by now!


Just when everyone was giving up Shaheen scolded everyone asking them not to lose hope and Dig more, another 30 minutes of digging they finally hear the scream, it was Yasir!
Dragged him out of 16 feet pile of snow, it was a miracle, all the nearest villagers in tears on how was it possible. Breathing with difficulty and suffering from hyperthermia, Yasir was covered packed and moved to the nearest hospital.


On one panicked phone call, in heavy snowfall, would you pick up a shovel and walk 7 km in the harshest cold? Dig in a snow slide? Where the chances are another slide would come and bury the one rescuing? Without any Lalach out of
Humanity? This is my proud team? This is what makes us …US!

Today I take pride in Shaheen as my team member! Our mere existence saved someone’s life!
These are the Real heroes, how many of you would have left your warm hotel/home to hear the scream of a helpless miles away in freezing cold subzero temperature and heavy snow!

Today am the happiest and proudest- our existence saved a life!

Heroes of Sweettooth – I give you Shaheen :)”


They could have chosen not to come but these staff members are not a rescue team. They could have chosen to say no, and never appear on the place of the accident. They were not accountable to anyone if they didn’t go but they did because they value life.

After digging in the snow for hours and when they couldn’t find the three lost men, they didn’t lose hope and continued their work.

The staff members of this restaurant really deserve something good!


Maybe the government should reward these people or show some sort of appreciation.

The place where it was the government’s responsibility to have a team of rescuers which the locals should know to call but there were no rescuers, apart from the local people.

What do you guys think of this story? Let us know about these brave bunch of people in the comments below! Cheers. 😉